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Sonic fart fetish Sonic fart fetish

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

certainly is a parody that's for sure.

though i wouldn't put it passed "art" for that type of stuff to look like that.

The Wish - Where to now The Wish - Where to now

Rated 3 / 5 stars

this really has potential, the music is fitting, audio balancing is consistent between characters and background and i quite like the art style, not too often you see people use coloured outlines.

as for the episode itself, it's just a set up episode with teaming up the main characters and a bit of exposition about ones status. important for world building and as part of a series is great, but alone is a bit boring (main reason i'm giving this particular episode a 3 instead of a 4).

one last thing is the animation, i like it for the most part, just some bits are inconstant such as the cape doesn't blow while walking, and when the hair is moving the side of the cape is being blown but not the hood. not bad but it's a little distracting.

with all that said i'm looking forward to the next part to see how these characters get developed.

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Wondermeow responds:

Thanks for the review look forward to thr next ep

Yandere Simulator Promo (Fan Animation) Yandere Simulator Promo (Fan Animation)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

very nice animation, plays very closely to the original scrapped intro but as long as something is well made who cares about creativity, especially in tributes to things.

i like the skecthy style of the backgrounds and characters, the only improvement i can think of is a bit of shading, a little contrast in lighting can go a long way, and many drawing programs have easy ways to gradient, though taking the time to do that in an already long activity which is animation can be mundane/strenuous so it's understandable why most people don't take the time to do that.

anyway keep up the good work.

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Echo Bullet Echo Bullet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very fun and intuitive game.

i really like how there's a slow down option and it shows you your hitbox, makes it so much easier to avoid damage, and with the amount of hitpoints it can give less skilled players a chance to practice harder patterns harder bullet hell games use, speaking of which i love how the bosses function, each have their own challenging patterns with their own phases, they feel really diverse.

also the game is really well optimised, my PC is really old (like i had it since secondary school and it could barely ran minecraft when i got it) and it didn't lag once, very well put together.

and the aesthetic of the graphics and music is also nice since i'm reviewing it.

Tower Release (Demo part 1) LOW RES Tower Release (Demo part 1) LOW RES

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i've played and reviewed the last version so i know how it performs, just gonna use this as a chance to leave my thoughts on the project thus far.

first off, this may just be my computer being shit but when i tested out the load feature to see if the 2 versions were linked on here the "unlocked all monsters" screen didn't disappear it kept in fading in and out of white with very rapid game-play screenshots playing, i tried clicking the screen, pressing all the number, letter and punctuation keys on my keyboard but the sequence didn't stop, not sure if my computer just lagged so much that the inputs got eaten up (it ran at 3FPS tops, love the debug feature being there btw) or if it's a legitimate problem hence why i'm not changing the review score.

second i'm surprised and glad you're releasing it for free, i've seen so many net personalities use crowd funding and then charge on top of it, hell tobuscus's wizards thing had microtransactions on top of it. makes quite a difference to see the game developers themselves share it for free and only supplement themselves on fan-funding.

finally i'll wait til january to download the full version (just because i don't know when in december it'll get released) as much as i love the game-play, art-style, music, ext. it does get tiring playing through the beginning levels over and over just to see the new features, a password feature would really help for releasing demo versions, of course it's quite a bit harder to do with a game where you get to customise stats and have 2 separate forms of XP.

enough rambling, good luck finishing your game, it's definitely a hidden gem on this site that promotes more SFW content.

Space Pips Space Pips

Rated 4 / 5 stars

fast paced, enemies are easily recognisable from each other though helpers and pips can make visibility a bit hellish when things get intense.

it's extremely addicting though the enemies spawning is a bit troublesome, they just pop in with a half a second white ring, and noting the enemies, pips and your own helpers are brighter and more numerous it leads to a lot of hits.

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Demo Reel - 2017 Demo Reel - 2017

Rated 4 / 5 stars

nice little preview of your different voices.

especially like J2, the audio effects definitely allow them to sound robotic but still have an ounce of emotion.

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chrisrosewood responds:

Thanks! J-2's voice is kind of fun to do.

glitch glitch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

love the cyber feel of this song, the quite spots near the end i don't like too much and the main looping melody is quite short but as something used intandem with say a game boss it really is a great listen.

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DjDragonfire responds:

thanks for your feedback!

-Field of memories- -Field of memories-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

simply amazing, plus it reminds me of my favourite segments of my favourite flash game.

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