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Echo Bullet Echo Bullet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very fun and intuitive game.

i really like how there's a slow down option and it shows you your hitbox, makes it so much easier to avoid damage, and with the amount of hitpoints it can give less skilled players a chance to practice harder patterns harder bullet hell games use, speaking of which i love how the bosses function, each have their own challenging patterns with their own phases, they feel really diverse.

also the game is really well optimised, my PC is really old (like i had it since secondary school and it could barely ran minecraft when i got it) and it didn't lag once, very well put together.

and the aesthetic of the graphics and music is also nice since i'm reviewing it.

Tower Release (Demo part 1) LOW RES Tower Release (Demo part 1) LOW RES

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i've played and reviewed the last version so i know how it performs, just gonna use this as a chance to leave my thoughts on the project thus far.

first off, this may just be my computer being shit but when i tested out the load feature to see if the 2 versions were linked on here the "unlocked all monsters" screen didn't disappear it kept in fading in and out of white with very rapid game-play screenshots playing, i tried clicking the screen, pressing all the number, letter and punctuation keys on my keyboard but the sequence didn't stop, not sure if my computer just lagged so much that the inputs got eaten up (it ran at 3FPS tops, love the debug feature being there btw) or if it's a legitimate problem hence why i'm not changing the review score.

second i'm surprised and glad you're releasing it for free, i've seen so many net personalities use crowd funding and then charge on top of it, hell tobuscus's wizards thing had microtransactions on top of it. makes quite a difference to see the game developers themselves share it for free and only supplement themselves on fan-funding.

finally i'll wait til january to download the full version (just because i don't know when in december it'll get released) as much as i love the game-play, art-style, music, ext. it does get tiring playing through the beginning levels over and over just to see the new features, a password feature would really help for releasing demo versions, of course it's quite a bit harder to do with a game where you get to customise stats and have 2 separate forms of XP.

enough rambling, good luck finishing your game, it's definitely a hidden gem on this site that promotes more SFW content.

Space Pips Space Pips

Rated 4 / 5 stars

fast paced, enemies are easily recognisable from each other though helpers and pips can make visibility a bit hellish when things get intense.

it's extremely addicting though the enemies spawning is a bit troublesome, they just pop in with a half a second white ring, and noting the enemies, pips and your own helpers are brighter and more numerous it leads to a lot of hits.

BotArena3 BotArena3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

grindy but very enjoyable (if you like accumulating shit)

the weight limits and the progression of unlocking shop items are quite interesting.
in order to not go bankrupt i wound up spending a surprisingly high amount of money in a low weight, high damage machine in order to grind since i sold a lot of items to make room for better ones quite frequently.

though the weight limits get surpassed by the max bot weights near the end, leading me to purposefully down grade which made the ending levels easier since instead of maxing my 2 bots the best i could, instead i just maxed out the damage and filled the rest of the weight with plating, even the final level is like that so you can't even test out your end game shop items, shame too since the highest damaging weapon and highest armoured plate perfectly fill up the weight cap of the final bot.

ignoring difficulty though it's a mix of the satisfaction of watching a game play itself with micromanagement of making sure you have enough money to progress (or creating a grinding bot that can survive in the highest paying arenas possible)

fun game, though it's a shame there isn't much space for experimenting with additional bots, the enemies never go above 3 so you can more than make it by with just 2 bots.

Generic Defense Game Generic Defense Game

Rated 2 / 5 stars

the game is indeed generic though aside from the customizability in the beginning plays the parody straight instead of saterising it.

even the worst tower defence games give you enough money to buy something on the first shop screen, the gameplay is more akined to a fixed top down shooter than a defence game, basically the novelty dies pretty quickly for those who'd get the parody and just plays like yet another carbon copy flash game designed to make ad space for kids to see.

the game is functional at being a crappy defence game as intended though, it works but isn't anything special even including the self aware title.

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Awesome Tanks Awesome Tanks

Rated 2 / 5 stars

the game is painfully slow, and not in the sense that it's a tank game, in the sense there's an entire level full of red brick blocks that take a while for even the laser weapon to break and the health bars are so large taking out even the weakest enemies becomes a slog.

with max speed you still can barely strafe explosive attacks, without max visibility you need to go head first into danger to even see what is attacking you, without max turret speed aiming even becomes tedious, and good luck surviving without armour upgrades unless you invest in the weapons.

the tanks scale in health as the type increases, which in itself isn't a bad thing, until you realise explosive tanks make up most of the game, only changing in the final levels where they're along side laser tanks which are basically impossible to avoid (though at that point you'd have all base upgrades and other weapons so fair enough) which leads to the game spiking in difficulty as you're facing end game enemies early on turning battles into a grind with the base weapon but because they appear so early are made manageable with the basic turret destroying the challenge when you buy better weapons.

overall it's solid functionally but in terms of being fun, it's a time waster.

though the level editor is nice, though without codes it can only be used for self imposed challenge in a mode with infinite ammo and everything max upgraded.

Genghis Khan Genghis Khan

Rated 3 / 5 stars

it's a decent game, definitely good for its time and quite good functionally now just one big issue.

the game has a save system? so why can't it save your formations?
the battles are so short that arranging formations becomes the bulk of the gameplay, you can't just send units into battle as is because they'll get swarmed.

i get that building formations is the fun part, but having to rebuild the same formation over and over for battles that don't even last a minute isn't very rewarding, especially since the game has the ability to save progress.

of course this is pretty petty but if a fundamental mechanic of the game isn't fun then the game isn't, especially when age means the graphics and music loops don't hold the game up as well.

but as negative as this review is i'll give credit and say for what it is, it's well built and could be rereleased with modernisations and an auto save feature.

Shekateka Shekateka

Rated 3 / 5 stars

quite fun game, the concept is very imaginative and the music is very fitting.

though the game is very basic as is, which isn't a problem but it does hurt replay value combined with other things like the respawn system being way too forgiving and the boss being very exploitable (stand to the top wall side corner of the protective wall, when rock is thrown move to the opposite corner of the socket) the game is so short and easy it doesn't have anything else to discover, not even RNG to mess around with.

again it's a very competent game, fun for one playthrough but not much else due to a lack of content and punishment for death.

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Pretentious Game 5 Pretentious Game 5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

amazing execution of a simple premise.

the logic puzzles were a lot of fun and some being challenging, people saying the mountain puzzle doesn't work but you have to jump at it, you can't push something you're standing on.
though the border level is annoying noting there's no walls under the stage stopping you from falling off when you go far even though you have to go out of visibility to complete it and the waiting one is just boring.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

the music and asthetics are top notch, the story (not very far, not much time) has caught my attention, i'm really curious about those spores origin and the design is great for the most part.

i say for the most part because of the control, it's very solid for the most part and is responsive, it's just whenever you turn you move backwards a bit meaning you can't readjust on a ledge to avoid falling off and in the case of the second boss i kept on walking into spores by doing small adjustments that would work in most games, and of course also falling off the platforms since they're 3 wide and the spores can spawn in the middle and to the sides of them.

i'd also like to mention the hitpoints since 1 hit kills at the beginning of a game can be very cheap, but with the saves which can be a bit far apart leading to a bit too much backtracking the layout of the obsticals are fair and you get plenty of time to react to them coming up so by the time you do start seeing lasers and spikes being mixed you'll have an extra hit at that point (or right after as a reward).

overall from what i've seen thus far it's a solid metroidvania that's quite fun to play.

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